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About Us

What is the Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin was first introduced to the world of financial markets in 2009, among significant skepticism from traders and investors. However, there were a select number of people who understood the huge potential for Bitcoin and began to invest in this digital currency. After just a few years, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed and many of these early investors ended up making a lot of money for themselves; many even became overnight millionaires.

Recognizing the continuing potential for profit with Bitcoin, a team of experienced and professional traders combined their knowledge of the Bitcoin market in order to create Bitcoin Era, a trading software which empowers investors, both new and experienced, to trade Bitcoin profitably. After analyzing the markets, this software provides accurate trade signals and is then able to automatically execute profitable trades in your Bitcoin trading account, allowing just about anybody to make passive income from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


The Bitcoin Era software is one of the most powerful trading tools in the market today due to its advanced algorithm which can analyze markets at lightning speed and with a high level of accuracy. The algorithm is able to pinpoint profitable opportunities in the Bitcoin market and then automatically buys and sells Bitcoin and other digital assets for profit. The Bitcoin Era algorithm is so fast that it is able to predict which direction Bitcoin markets will move even before the market actually starts moving. It is this time leap that makes the Bitcoin Era the most profitable automated trading software in the market.


The Bitcoin Era Team

The highly knowledgeable and experienced team of professional traders behind the Bitcoin Era software have come together and created a powerful automated software which empowers just about anybody to make consistent profits from trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Our advanced algorithm is the engine powering the Bitcoin Era software. The algorithm can scan cryptocurrency markets accurately in order to identify high probability trading opportunities. Since the software is completely automated, even beginner traders, with no knowledge of the financial markets and online trading, can make consistent profits using the Bitcoin Era automated software.

Benefits of the Bitcoin Era Software

Investors have been able to greatly enhance their trading results by maximizing the benefits provided by the Bitcoin Era software listed below:

User-friendly and intuitive -

The Bitcoin Era team has carefully designed the software interface to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. This makes it accessible to all kinds of people, even those who have never traded before.

Absolutely Free -

There is no charge to access the Bitcoin Era software. This means we will not charge hidden fees and there will be no secret costs.

Fully Automated -

There is very little work required by you to make profits with Bitcoin Era. The software is fully automated which means the application will analyze markets and execute trades on your behalf without you having to do anything, except set your trading parameters so that the software trades based on your preferences and risk level.

Reputable Brokers -

Bitcoin Era has carefully vetted its broker partners to only include the best and most reputable in the industry. These brokers will provide you with access to the trading platform and a wealth of trading resources and tools.

Safe and Secure -

With Bitcoin Era, you can be sure that your funds and personal data are secure and safe. We have implemented the highest security measures possible. Also, we have vetted our broker partners to include only those with the strictest security systems to ensure you have access to a safe trading environment.

Professional Customer Service -

The customer support team at Bitcoin Era is always knowledgeable and responsive to your needs and concerns.


Make Profits Trading Bitcoin with the Bitcoin Era Software

There is no time to waste.

Start your journey on the road to financial freedom. Register for your Bitcoin Era trading account now and start making passive income from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can do it!